Putting Together Your Dream Travel Wagon

I’ve long dreamt of traveling the country in a restored International Harvester bus. Yeah, it probably meets all of the images you have in mind: wild colors and graphics on the outside of the bus; a lofted bed on the inside with a working sink and stove; and a great setup for the driver’s seat to be comfortable and “in command.”

While I don’t know if it would be possible to get away from the way of life everyone else calls the only way and just live on the go, I do know that I could easily take multiple weeks off to make road trips, go to music festivals, and take it camping. It’s my absolute dream of a vehicle, to be honest, much in the same way that so many other people want Lamborghinis and the likes.

So, what are the essentials to building such a hippie bus that you can actually live out of?

Make it unique

This is probably where all the wild graphics and colors come into play. If you can personalize your travel bus and make it reflect who you are as a person, you’re doing it right. Just make sure nothing is lewd, distracting to other drivers, or downright illegal. Heck, you can even make it look “trashy” by doing some art with cardboard boxes and attaching them to the sides or top. (Do note that cardboard boxes won’t survive the weather well, though.)

Make sure there’s a comfortable bed (or two)

If you’re going to sleep in it, you may as well spend the extra cash to make sure the bed and its support is great. Why be miserable when sleeping at night if you’re going to make this a travel bus? You’ll need the energy and rest for the following day to drive anyway, right?

Get a stove and sink. Seriously

If you’re going to be living out of your bus, you absolutely have to have something to cook with and running water for dishes, cooking, and cleaning your hands. Without these two things, you’ll be stopping so much more frequently than you need to.

Consider installing a bathroom

It may take extra money, extra work, and even be super unfun to clean consistently, but the convenience and privacy of having your own bathroom is almost as important as having a stove and sink. If you do this, you can legit live out of your bus if needed. And having such a convenience in your partymobile is priceless.


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